How the Health Fitness Analysis Program Works

Body composition Analysis measures your level of body fat as a percentage of your total physical self, using a bio-electrical impedance machine, called the ElectroLipoGraph or ELG. The ELG transmits a safe nondiscernable current between electrodes attached to individuals’ wrists and foot. This current travels so the leaner your body, the faster the wave of conductivity. This measurement, along with your height and weight, are factors that determine your percentage of body fat at Chiropractic Center of Royal Oak.

Immediate Results

  • Percentage of body fat
  • Personalized weight loss programs
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Recommended weight
  • Daily nutrition plan
  • Personalized weight loss chart
  • Personal exercise program

The Program Includes

  • Nutrient intake assessment
  • Physical assessment to measure body fat and muscle mass
  • Goal Setting
  • Exercise activity and planning
  • Meal planning and counseling
  • Bi-weekly or monthly monitoring and evaluation
  • Written programs for all meals, snacks, and exercise
  • Follow up assessment at 6 weeks and 12 weeks to monitor physical progress

Take Control Today

  • Lose unhealthy pounds and inches
  • No drugs or special foods
  • Lose only fat, not muscle
  • Feel stronger, have more energy
  • Reach your personal goals

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